WaaS Project
by CoolCode

What’s the basic stuff to came up with upon starting a business?

In the industrial era 4.0 and the gig economy, companies or organizations have to go digital.
So that the growth of internet users in the world continues to grow rapidly.

Why business need website ?

Having a website for your business is essential.

Reach More Market

Look Professional

Build Brand Awareness

Business Run 24/7

Benefits of WaaS

Multiple Design

Choose from various types of templates to suit your business

Mobile Responsive

Automatically adjusts it's sizing, layout, and proportions

Free Stock Photo

We have tons of stock photo to put as illustration on your website

Free Hosting

The server environment that your website and all of its files and database live (Up to 5,000 -10,000 traffic)

Automatic Backups

Regular backups and a recovery plan to get you back up quickly if something goes wrong

Support System

Ongoing support to help ensure that the website matches the level of service and quality you provide


Schedule updates and testing for ongoing functionality improvements


Ongoing service and maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly


Website, server, fraud and browser protections, including SSL certificates

And if you need a hand, we can provide you with ongoing help and optimization

We call it on demand development.